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Awards categories

There are four Awards categories which celebrate RE100 members that are leading the green power revolution.

RE100 Leadership Awards 2021

The four Awards categories recognise companies driving market change, to those setting ambitious sustainability strategies, and from companies collaborating with their peers, to those with a smaller operational footprint.

Each category is judged by a panel of climate leaders drawn from across multiple sectors who bring a huge amount of expertise, insight and first-hand experience to the judging process. Find out more about the RE100 Leadership Awards judging panels 

The Four Awards:

RE100 Changemaker:

Reaching 100% renewable electricity is only one part of sustainability goals RE100 companies set. This Award celebrates members setting ambitious broader energy goals alongside their renewable electricity objectives, finding innovative ways to achieve these targets, and implementing the most impactful sustainability strategies.

RE100 Market Trailblazer:

RE100 companies operate across multiple markets, including those where it is not yet possible or difficult to source renewables. This Award celebrates RE100 companies who are committed to driving market change, communicating transparently about the barriers they face, and collaborating with companies, utilities and governments to drive change.

RE100 Key Collaborator:

Sharing best practice and key learnings is vital to ensure that more and more companies will be able to implement and achieve their sustainability targets. This Award recognises RE100 members who are collaborating with their peers and suppliers, as well as publicly disclosing their energy and emissions data, as they work towards their renewable electricity goals.

RE100 Enterprising Leader:

RE100 companies span industries and markets and vary in operational size and market share. This Award celebrates ambitious companies demonstrating leadership in their industry or home market by embarking on their renewable electricity journey or ‘going above and beyond’ in their efforts to achieve their targets, despite having a smaller operational footprint.