Accelerating the transition to cleaner, smarter energy

workers installing solar panels


Energy is the largest polluting sector globally, responsible for two-thirds of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. With renewable energy costs falling rapidly, and the growing danger of stranded assets, a clean energy transition is now well underway.

We're working with leading businesses, cities and governments to accelerate the shift to cleaner, smarter energy. We showcase the benefits, leverage growing demand, and push for ambitious policies.

Our work on energy


Corporate leadership on renewable electricity

RE100 is the global renewable energy initiative bringing together hundreds of large and influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity. Together, we underline the business case and send a powerful demand signal to policymakers and investors to help address market challenges.

RE100 is delivered by Climate Group in partnership with CDP. Our goal is to achieve zero carbon electricity grids at scale.


Every single net zero conversation must begin with energy efficiency

EP100 is a global corporate energy efficiency initiative bringing together over 120 ambitious businesses committed to measuring and reporting on efficiency improvements.

LED Scale-Up

Calling for LED city lighting by 2025

LED Scale-up is a global initiative calling on policymakers to switch to energy efficient light-emitting diode (LED) technology for all city street lighting by 2025 and define long-term strategies to encourage its uptake worldwide, including by utilities.

LED Scale-Up is delivered by Climate Group in partnership with Signify (formerly Philips Lighting).

Big energy stats


Fall in cost of solar photovoltaics (PV)

Renewable energy is getting cheaper. In 2010-2019 the cost of solar PV fell by 82%, onshore wind by 40%. Source:


Jobs potential in energy efficiency

Smarter energy use can help with a green recovery from COVID-19. Four million jobs could be created in energy efficiency alone. Source: International Energy Agency (IEA).


Global CO2 emissions from lighting

Lighting accounts for nearly 5% of global CO2 emissions. LED lighting can achieve energy savings of 50-70% compared to old technologies. Source: CLASP