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Leading European businesses call for EU corporate fleet mandate

4 July 2024, 9:24 UTC 3 min read

Today, global non-profit Climate Group’s flagship initiatives EV100 and EV100+ called for an EU-wide mandate that sets clear zero emission corporate fleet targets for light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles. 

Read the full text here.

As the new EU legislative term takes shape, 18 leading businesses including E.On Drive, Geopost and IKEA have underlined that zero-emission corporate fleet targets for cars, vans and medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (MHDVs) would be an important measure to speed up the uptake of zero emission vehicles in Europe. 

The group calls for a clear, well implemented mandate that would ensure the EU remains a key market for zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) and underline the bloc’s status as a climate leader. 

It would also set a clear direction to all EU fleet owners and operators that they should invest in ZEVs – driving demand that could boost European automaker competitiveness. 

Investment by large firms today will boost the second-hand market for ZEVs tomorrow, which will enable SMEs to make the switch as well. It would also lower pollution and positively impact air quality in Europe.   

EV100 members have already committed to switch their fleets to electric by 2030, and EV100+ members are investing in zero emission technologies for heavier trucks too. A corporate fleet mandate would mean all fleet operators moving forward along a set, ambitious timeline.


Dominic Phinn, Head of Transport, Climate Group says:  

“Road transport accounts for the bulk of the EU’s transport sector emissions, and decarbonising this sector is vital if the EU is to reach its commitments in line with the Paris Agreement. A corporate fleet mandate for all vehicles is a key tool the EU should be using to drive emissions down. 

“EV100 and EV100+ members have welcomed the adoption of key regulations at EU level, such as the Regulation on CO2 emissions standards for cars, vans and MHDVs and the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), and these will complement a fleet mandate by ensuring supply of ZEVs and consistent deployment of charging infrastructure across the EU. 

“EV100 and EV100+ members have already committed to specific zero emission fleet targets across vehicle segments and we want to work with the European Commission in the design of the initiative to help businesses switch to zero emission faster.”  

Davide Villa, CEO, E.On Drive, adds: 

“Implementing a mandate for transport decarbonisation is crucial for achieving our climate goals and ensuring a sustainable future. Such a mandate provides businesses with the necessary certainty to invest in infrastructure and electric fleets today, paving the way for a significant reduction in emissions. Clear and binding decarbonisation plans enable companies like E.ON Drive to proactively address challenges such as grid connectivity, ensuring a smoother transition to electrified fleets. This not only accelerates our collective efforts towards a zero-emission future but also strengthens Europe's position as a leader in climate action.” 

Jean-Claude Sonet, EVP in charge of Marketing, Communications & Sustainability, Geopost, adds: 

“Geopost is working towards net zero emissions by 2040. Measures to accelerate the decarbonisation of corporate fleets can help speed up the transition of the road transport sector. These measures must be applied in an equitable manner and be supported by appropriate supply-side measures and enabling infrastructure.”